identiday is taking place on Monday 20th March.

identi are encouraging their clients to cleanse their accounts on the first day of

Pet and keeper contact details stored with identibase (one of the UK’s largest
microchip databases) can be updated on identiday free of charge on Monday 20th March.

∗∗ identibase pet keepers who update their details on this day will automatically be entered into competitions to win
pet goodies, and can benefit from identibase’s pet protection promotions. 

To change your details call 0330 9128077 or log into your identibase account here.

LETS CHECK THE CHIPS – Bring your pet to visit us on Monday 20th March so we can check the microchip is working – no need to book, just turn up within our opening times!

Why identiday?
It is evident that keeping microchip details updated remains an issue, with 5% of dog owners, 6% of cat owners and 8% of rabbit owners telling the PDSA that their details had changed but the microchip database hadn’t been updated. 4% of dog owners, 6% of cat owners and 12% of rabbit owners said they weren’t sure if their details were up to date or not.

This equates to 1.8 million pets (830,000 dogs, 970,000 cats, 47,000 rabbits). Of those that hadn’t updated their details, 30% said this was because they did not know how to get their details updated, whilst 17% said they had lost the paperwork about their pet’s microchip and 14% said it was because they didn’t know their pet’s microchip number.

It is a legal obligation for dog keepers to have those under their care microchipped and to keep all contact details up to date on a government compliant database.

Did you know that under new plans coming into force, all cat keepers must ensure their pet is microchipped before they reach the age of 20 weeks?

The benefits of microchipping pets are unquestionable which is why it is set to become law with cats as well as dogs. Lost or stray pet cats are more likely to be reunited with owners and returned home safely under these new pet microchipping rules as well as helping organizations identify people who sadly abandon their pets. Gain peace of mind by making sure all your contact details are up to date.

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