Cat Friendly Clinic

We are very proud to be a Cat Friendly Clinic. 

We were awarded a SILVER Cat Friendly accreditation by the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) in February 2024. The ISFM is the veterinary division of International Cat Care (, a charity passionate about improving the lives of all cats, everywhere.

Quarry House Vets have achieved this accreditation by meeting certain criteria set out by the ISFM.  Our staff, practice, standard procedures and continued professional
development show we provide a high standard of care and have your cats best interest at heart.


We understand how stressful it can be for both cat and owner when visiting the vets. All of our staff are trained to handle cats in a manner that minimises stress, fear, and anxiety. They can also advise you on the best way to safely and comfortably transport your cat to us.

Our cat advocate, Athina Britton is available for any advice or questions you may have regarding your cat’s visit to us. Athina is our Clinical Supervisor and has a vast knowledge on how to care for your cat. She has helped set up our cat friendly facilities and is responsible for ensuring that your cat’s health & wellbeing is being met whilst they are visiting us.  

Our cat friendly facilities include:

  • A separate cat waiting area. There are raised areas on which to place your cat carrier which will be away from areas where other animals may be waiting. There are also a visual barriers and blankets to cover your cat’s carrier, to give cats an extra sense of security.
  • The use of feline pheromone diffusers to help calm and reassure.
  • A quiet, well equipped consulting room suitable for cats to feel calm in.
  • A range of equipment such as blood pressure monitors and cat specific weighing scales to provide a high level of care to our feline patients.
  • Their own hospitalisation ward, separate from other species. We provide comfortable, soft bedding and cat igloos or perch and hide boxes to allow your cat privacy during their stay with us.
  • Facilities for surgery, dentistry, lab testing and diagnostic imaging are available to allow procedures to be performed to a high standard of care for feline patients.
Travelling tips...
  1. Use a strong, secure plastic top opening carrier for transporting your cat to us. A carrier that your cat can be easily lifted out of will lessen the stress for all. 
  2. Get your cat used to the carrier. 
    Place the open carrier in their area for a few days before travelling and put their favourite food or treats in there. Let them walk in and out freely so that they get used to it and feel happy to be in it.
  3. Provide a non-slip base. A towel, vet bed with newspaper under would be suitable. Your cat should be able to turn around in their carrier, however they do prefer to be in a small, secure space to travel so don’t use too large a carry case.
  4. Use calming products. It may be helpful to spray their bedding with products such as Pet Remedy or Feliway classic to help reduce anxiety. Do this at least 15 minutes before you put them in the carrier.
  5. Secure their carrier safely into the vehicle. Place your cat’s carrier in the footwell or strap your cats carrier in securely using a seat belt through the handle. Never put the carrier in the boot. 
  6. Play gentle music. It might be helpful to play low-level, gentle, mid-tone music to help mask some noises.


Your cat will stay in a separate ward away from dogs and the chaos of a busy surgery. The ward is warm, quiet, well-ventilated and has natural lighting. 

Your cat will be provided with all the essentials including a perch and hide. This will enable them to have a safe and private place to watch everything from.

We ask that you provide us with any special blankets or toys they are fond of to make them as comfortable as possible. 

Cats needing a prolonged stay with us will be provided with walking around time (where appropriate to do so) in a safe, secure room.
Quarry House Vets