RAW Day 4 – Environment

Enrich your rabbits lives.

We all know that rabbits love to spend their time eating, digging, jumping, running, rearing up, hiding and socialising.  Therefore we must allow them to carry out all of these natural behaviours by enrichment. Here are some ideas on how to do that…

Digging Pits

If your rabbits are on grass, keep an eye on there digging pits so they don’t dig out of their enclosure!

If they aren’t on grass then please supply them with a digging pit filled with earth. Large cat litter trays make a great digging pits but remember to change the earth regularly.


Place some willow balls or other rabbit toys around their enclosure for them to play with. Rabbits like to play with balls by pushing or tossing them aside, it may not look like much but they enjoy it!!

Hides and Tunnels

Provide your rabbits with some tunnels, this will encourage them to be more active as it will act as a substitute burrow.

You can also provide them with a cardboard box or two! Just make sure you cut a hole at each end of the box, as rabbits are prey animals they need an entrance and exit to make them feel safe. 

Don’t forget to replace the box if its damn, soiled or they have had enough of knocking through it.

Rearing Up

Rabbits love to stretch up to check the horizon for any predators – this helps them feel safe and allows them to get on with their busy day! It is also very important to help them avoid any painful spinal deformities.

It is recommended to allow them at least 1 metre of height at all times. If you aren’t sure on the outdoor space they need, please see the RWAF guidance here: https://rabbitwelfare.co.uk/outdoor-housing/.


We looked at this yesterday but here are some more suggestions on how to help them forage…

  • Treat balls – put pellets in, so they can nose the ball around to get them out. 
  • Willow tunnels – stuff them with hay and fresh herbs. 
  • Branches – hazel, apple, willow or blackthorn branches are a healthy treat and a great addition to the diet.
  • Paper bags – stuff some with hay and herbs and watch your rabbits find a way in.
  • Toilet roll and cupboard tubes – stuff with hay for your rabbits to enjoy! 
  • Turf trays – fill some litter trays or plant potting trays with turf from a garden centre. This gives them fresh grass!

Provide your rabbits with a platform such as a tree stump or sturdy box for them to stand on. Being prey animals they like to checkout their surroundings from a higher level and letting them carry out this normal behaviour will help them reduce stress.

Bonus points if the platform can work as a tunnel for them too!

Keep it entertaining

It’s a good idea to move their toys and furniture around ever so often to help keep them entertained – otherwise they will get bored. 

However, please remember to keep their main bedroom and tunnels in the same locations, moving these could cause your rabbits stress – they need to know that their home is safe and secure.

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