RAW Day 2 – Health

Rabbit Awareness Week – Day 2! 🐰
Let’s talk about poo.
If your rabbits are healthy and have a good diet then they shouldn’t get dirty, sticky bottoms!
They should produce two kinds of poo…
💛 Pellet Poo – large, round and full of fibre! This is the most common poo and the ones you will be cleaning up the most.
🧡 Caecotrophs (caecal pellets) – Normally your bunnies will eat this kind of poo directly from their bottoms! I know it sounds gross but that’s nature for you!!
If your rabbits aren’t eating their caecal pellets and it’s starting to stick to the fur around their bottom and tummy then there is a reason why!! Don’t let it build up as this can cause some serious problems!
🔶 A diet that has too much sugar or starch will cause digestive problems. Your rabbits guts are very delicate and the right balance of diet is important. Too much carbohydrates can cause their caecotrophs to be softer and improperly formed. This means they won’t eat them and it will end up sticking to their bottom and tummy, causing problems.
🔷 As fruit and carrots contain a lot of sugar, please only feed your bunnies a very small amount, a half-inch cube per day is enough.
🔶 Feed nuggets rather than a muesli-type mix to ensure your rabbits get all the nutrients they need in every portion but not too many, as this can cause too many caecotrophs being produced. Your rabbits then won’t eat them all, leading them to build up on their fur.
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