Rabbit Awareness Week – Day 1 – Diet

As a rabbit friendly clinic we are very excited to be supporting this year’s RAW, which focuses on raising awareness of the importance of rabbits’ diet.
The latest PAW Report found that 13% of owners feed muesli mix as one of the main types of food their rabbits eat – these diets have been implicated in a variety of health problems – and only 73% of owners feed hay as one of their rabbits’ main foods; inadequate hay provision is associated with rabbit obesity.
💜 Feed your bunnies unlimited grass or hay but never lawn clipping as these ferment very quickly and can be extremely harmful to your rabbits.
💚 Feeding greens, vegetables and herbs play a vital part in a rabbit’s diet too! – You don’t just have to buy it from the supermarket as there are lots of plants that are safe for your rabbits to eat. Checkout RWAF’s safe list here: https://rabbitwelfare.co.uk/greens-veg-and-herbs/
💜 Remember to give your bunnies a vary of greens and keep to small portions of any one plant. Also, if you’re collecting wild plants, please avoid areas frequented by dogs, at the side of roads or sprayed with pesticides.
💚 Avoid poisonous plants! For more advice on what to look for, checkout this handy guide: https://rabbitwelfare.co.uk/poisonous-plants/
💜 Fruits and carrot bodies can be given as treats. Remember they are high in sugars so it should only be given as an occasional treat no more than once or twice a week.
Quarry House Vets