Pet Dental Month – Rainbow’s Case

Rainbow came in for a free dental assessment as part of our dental month offer.

It was soon discovered that Rainbow had a very sore tooth that needed extracting. As she was found to be otherwise fit and healthy enough to undergo an anesthetic, a dental was quickly booked.

As you can see, Rainbow’s tooth and gum were looking very sore. This is because Rainbow was developing an apical lesion. 

An apical lesion is where the tooth roots are infected from the root canal and can cause the tooth roots to be reabsorbed.

In Rainbow’s case the back root had gone, it crumbled as it was being (or trying to be) extracted.

Rainbow also had her upper small premolar extracted as it looked suspicious.

Rainbow then received a scale and polish to help her to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Her gums were then sutured where the teeth were removed and she was settled into her post-op kennel.

Rainbow is doing well and seems to be much happier.

Quarry House Vets