National Pet Month – April 2023

Quarry House Vets

April is National Pet Month, the aim of this is to celebrate and raise awareness of responsible pet ownership. 

Here at Quarry House Vets our mission and values reflect our commitment to pets’ health and wellbeing by working alongside pet owners to ensure pets’ receive the best care – ‘We advise and educate to promote a high level of animal welfare’.

You can read more about our mission and our values here.

By joining in with National Pet Month 2023 we can all work together to care for our pets responsibly. Here are our pets main 5 welfare needs and how to accomplish them.


To protect your pet from pain, injury, suffering and disease. To seek veterinary treatment should they become ill or injured.

To follow guidance from your Vet on how to keep them healthy and happy.


To ensure your pet has the ability to behave naturally for their species. For example to encourage them to play, run, dig, jump, fly etc.

To keep their toys, equipment and environment clean and safe.


To house them with, or apart from, other animals as appropriate for the species. i.e. company of their own kind for sociable species like rabbits or guinea pigs, or to be housed alone for solitary species like hamsters.


To provide a suitable diet. This includes feeding appropriately for the pet’s age and medical condition. To feed them the recommended amount to prevent obesity or malnourishment, as well as giving them access to fresh clean water.


To provide a suitable environment. This should include the right type of home with a comfortable place to rest and hide as well as space to exercise and explore.

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