Millie’s Story

Millie’s Story
Millie was presented to us with what appeared to be a torn toenail. However, a biopsy unfortunately revealed it to be an aggressive tumour.
Millie then underwent extensive testing for secondary masses, in which time her toe had become painful. After much consideration, Millie’s owners and ourselves made the decision that her toe needed to be amputated.
Millie is a wonderful girl and took the amputation in her stride however she was due to go on a snowy holiday!! We needed to get this healed and quickly!!
We couldn’t disappoint such a beautiful girl and her family, so we made her toe healing our top priority. We set up some strict wound healing protocols and Millie’s owners brought her to all her wound dressing appointments. They adhered to all the protocols we set and because of this Millie’s wound healed nicely.
We gave Millie’s foot a final check over on the day her and her family were due to go on holiday. We were pleased to say she was good to go.
We are delighted to say Millie is enjoying her holiday and is happily leaving her signature pawprint for everyone to see!!
Quarry House Vets